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NICE Chargeris the EV charging brand of NICE TCM, Korea’s No. 1 automated devices operator and manager. In response to the government’s environment policies, we install and operate EV charging facilities at parking lots run directly by the company as well as those installed at apartments and other key demand points.

Easy Charging, High Value!


NICE EV charging for a smart mobility era

NICE Charger Business Model

  • 01) NICE TCM Investment-led Installations

    NICE TCM takes into account mandatory EV parking space and charging demand to the initial capital investment and subsequently operates the facility.

    나이츠차저는 고객사에게 투자 제안, 충전인프라 운영의 서비스를 제공하고 고객사는 나이스차저에게 주차면을 제공합니다.
  • 02) Subsidized Installations

    NICE TCM operates the EV charging facility with a partial government subsidy.

    고객사는 나이스차저에게 보조금 서류를 제출하고 나이스차저는 보조금 서류를 환경부에 접수합니다. 환경부는 나이스차저의 보조금을 승인하고 나이스차저는 충전인프라구축및운영서비스를 고객사에게 제공합니다.

NICE Charger Key Competencies

Our EV charging business prioritizes the convenience of our EV owner clients. We have developed services to help EV owners better find EV charging facilities, enhanced consistency in quality, improved after-service and other customer care programs, provided convenient tools for customers to track charging progress, and offered a diverse array of payment methods.

  • Ease of location

  • Ease of monitoring

  • Diversity in payments

  • After-service

  • Stability in technology

  • 01) Ease of location – Installation of signboards

    NICE TCM has installed wall-type, pole-type, and hanging-type signboards at strategic locations to help EV owners betterlocate our charging facilities. Furthermore, we have created signposts at multiple locations starting from the entrance to each parking lot, with additional signposts at ramps and intersections to ensure that drivers are able to accurately find our facilities with ease.

    • Wall-type
    • Pole-type
    • Hanging-type
    • Signposts (Parking Lot Entrance)
    Cases in Point

    Lotte World Adventure Busan

    Yongsan The Prime Apartments

  • 02) Ease of monitoring –
    Real-time monitoring or
    charging progress and records

    Customers with a NICE account number or with an existing App payment
    record can access their real-time charging progress through
    the Nice Charger mobile application, a function otherwise only available through
    the physical charger on-site. Such charging records are also saved to the customer’s profile,
    allowing customers to readily access their own charging history and patterns on demand.

  • 03) After-service

    NICE TCM installs surveillance cameras at all of our charging sites,
    storing the video data with secure Digital Video Recorder(DVR) technology.
    Customers are not only able to achieve peace of mind, but are ensured
    that their vehicles are being charged in a secure environment.
    Furthermore, our security system serves as essential evidence in the event
    of fires or other crisis.
    Our technical support teams and call center staff monitor our facilities
    on a regular basis to check for errors and other conditions, further ensuring continuity of the service.

  • 04) Stability in technology –
    Wired networking

    Given the presence of surveillance cameras and DVR systems at all of our facilities,
    wired networking is an essential component of all NICE EV charging sites.
    All chargers are connected to a wired network to enhance stability.
    This decision stems from our 30-year experience operating automated devices,
    through which we have developed the belief that
    ‘minimizing errors is the best after-service’.
    Investments such as these lead to continuity in service.

  • 05) Diversity in payments

    All NICE EV chargers come with a pre-installed credit card payment system,
    minimizing customer hassle involved in having to create a separate payment account.
    Customers with a pre-existing account also have the choice of paying through
    the NICE Charger mobile application.

Key NICE Charger Installation Sites

  • Apartments

    Hanwha Dream & Green (Chongna)

    Central Park Harrington (Yongsan)

    Plurium Complex II (Namyangju)

    Okjeong Edu Summit (Yangju)

    Jangam Donga (Uijeongbu)

  • Officetels

    Doosan We’ve The Zenith (Cheonggyecheon)

    Eden City (Paju)

    Opera Classia (Daegu)

    Parco (Nowon)

    Solheim (Oryu-dong)

  • Universities / Hospitals

    Hongik University – Hongmun Hall

    Hongik University – Yemun Hall

    Hongik University – Daehakro Campus

    Ilsan Hospital

    Gunpo St. Mary’s Hospital

  • Offices / Knowledge Centers

    HMC Securities Building (Yeouido)

    Sinnae SKV1

    Crystal Square (Jung-gu, Seoul)

    Lead Smart Knowledge Center (Ansan)

    ITM Semiconductor

  • Hotels / Resorts/Banks / Churches

    AVON Hotel (Gunsan)

    Dearc Resort (Yeosu)

    National Livestock Cooperatives Federation Building (Asan)

    Eonyang Agricultural Cooperative (Ulsan)

    Antioch Holiness Church (Goyang)

  • Leisure Facilities / Outlets / Shopping Centers

    Lotte World Busan

    Woojeong Golf Club (Chuncheon)

    Bear’s Best GC (Cheongna)

    Sejung Outlet (Gwangju)

    Byeolnae I-Place(Namyangju)