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Turnkey Management

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A leader in turnkey ATM management NICE TCM continues to strive to offer our customers safer and more convenient access to finance.

What is Turnkey Management?

Turnkey ATM management involves taking on the operational responsibilities of bank-run ATMs installed at unmanned branches and ATM centers located outside of the main bank.

Service Overview

  • Error Management

    Responding to technical errors faced by ATM users, including card jams, cash shortages, module repairs, and software glitches to ensure rapid and accurate recovery of the ATM.

  • Cash Delivery

    Safe and fast delivery of cash used in ATMs, preventing cash shortages that can interrupt the customer experience.

  • Settlement

    End-to-end cash management system covering forecasting, counting, and settlement of cash used in ATMs to ensure optimal supply of cash.

  • Call Center (Monitoring)

    24-Hour call center to respond to ATM customer requests

  • Security

    Systems surveillance and security to prevent theft and intrusion of ATMs

  • Site Management

    Maintenance of cleanliness around ATMs to offer customers a more pleasant experience

Service target (operating a total of 6,000 units)

  • National Banks
    KB Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea,
    NH NongHyup Bank, Citibank
  • Regional Banks
    Kyongnam Bank, Gwangju Bank, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank
  • Other Institutions
    Postal Service, KB Securities, KFCCC

Service Competitiveness

- First to launch turnkey ATM management business in the country (1997)
- Leadership in turnkey ATM management (No. 1 in market share)

  • Expertise
    Expertise through structured processes and professionals
    with years of ATM operations experience
  • Systems
    First in South Korea to develop a proprietary end-to-end
    ATM management system (NIBS) provides catered solutions to
    clients to improve work efficiency (Real-time authorization lock, NICE EYE, NICE VIEW)
  • Network
    Network and infrastructure encompassing 28 branches,
    14 cash centers, and 500 cars nationwide