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Introduction to Video Monitoring

Wherever you need security NICE Video Monitoring

In 1996, NICE TCM developed Korea’s first DVR system that changes analogue video tape images and saves the data in digital format, and began supplying this technology to key financial institutions. In 2007, we developed a patented network-based double-storage technology dubbed Nice-Eye, and have since supplied this technology to key financial institutions. NICE video monitoring has been proven for stability and efficiency, and employs the country’s best dedicated support engineers.

Business Items

  • Nice Eye
    The solution is a combination of all of NICE TCM’s security services in mobile application format. The application promotes the safety and convenience ofapartment residents through a Bluetooth-activated gateopening mechanism and automatic elevator calling system,along with details such as the function to register guest cars. The application can be adopted by both old and new apartments.
  • VMS(Video Management System)
    A solution that can integrate video devices including surveillance cameras and intercoms from multiple manufacturers each installed at different points in time, allowing security managers easy access to video information and capability to monitor and analyze data.
  • Video Surveillance
    We develop, install, and manage various video surveillance devices and solutions including analogue, digital, high-definition IP cameras, DVR/NVR, and transmission devices.
  • Video Intercom/Emergency Call System
    We not only develop, install, and manage Korean-made lobby and unit intercoms, but also install and manage emergency call systems throughout the basement parking lot, rooftop gate, and empty security offices.

Smart Convenience Service for Apartment

보다 편리하고 스마트한 생활, 나이스아이

Nice Eye is a comprehensive
mobile platform service that provides
residents of apartment complexes
technology to live a smart lifestyle

  • 01

    Contactless Access Control

    Access control and elevator calling systems through
    a Bluetooth-enabled Nice Eye mobile application

  • 02

    Playground Surveillance

    Nice Eye application provides real-time access to playground surveillance cameras

  • 03

    Smart Access Control for Resident
    and Visitor Cars

    Program grants registered visitor cars automatic access while simultaneously alerting the resident non-registered cars are stopped by the central control system

  • 04

    Resident Video
    Conferencing System

    Residents join Resident Conferences
    virtually through the Nice Eye mobile application

Residential Video Monitoring Service

나이스 VMS (NICE Video Management System)

One-stop system to record, search, and monitor
surveillance cameras installed throughout
a residential facility out of single
VMS platform

  • 01

    NICE VMS Surveillance Camera Monitoring

    Security framework to monitor network surveillance cameras from
    multiple manufacturers out of a single NICE VMS platform

  • 02

    Fire Monitoring at EV Charging Stations

    Infrared cameras check EV chargers for overheating
    and fire, and also display total charging time

  • 03

    Video-based Parking Control

    Video monitors check empty and full parking
    spaces as well as collisions between cars

  • 04

    Car Number Detection Technology

    Surveillance camera comes built in with
    technology to read car numbers,
    making it unnecessary to purchase expensive car
    number detection cameras

Product Information

  • Smart Functionality
    for Residents

    NICE I Mobile App System

    Nice I is a one-stop platform to enhance
    the smart digital lifestyles of apartment residents

    • Functions

      Contactless bluetooth-based access control at main gate

      Searching of illegal parking lot users

      Link to elevator calling system (optional)

      Real-time viewing of playground surveillance cameras

      Registration of visitor cars and resident alert system

      Joining of resident video conferences (WIP)

      Searching of car entry and exit logs

      Checking of EV charging progress (WIP)

      Registration and management of parking lot blacklist

    • Application

      Operating systems supported: Android Version 5.0 and above / iOS Version 5.0 and above

      Availability: Download directly from respective application stores

      OS policies: Android – Building accessible when program kept running in the background
      iOS – Building accessible when program open

  • Easy control through
    a Video Management

    NICE Video Management System

    One-stop system to safe, search, and monitor all surveillance cameras
    installed at an apartment complex

    • Functions

      Support for protocols to ~80 IP cameras and video servers from other manufacturers

      Support for RTP/RTSP standard streaming protocol

      Support for 64-channel video recording

      Support for up to 4K high-resolution recording and play

      Support for various event motions

      Support for hot-standby failover

    • Video Management

      Recording : Normal/Event/Key Frame

      Live resolution : 720P/1080P

      Compression : H.265/H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG

      Split Screens : Splitting of custom channels

    • Connected Systems

      Emergency Alarms, Irregular Noise Detection (Screaming, Shock Alert)

      Vehicle number recognition, LPR camera interworking

      Environmental sensor, intrusion detection motion sensor, fence intrusion sensor

Business Partners

  • 01) Financial Institutions

    • NH농협은행 로고 이미지
    • 신한은행 로고 이미지
    • 우리은행 로고 이미지
    • KB국민은행 로고 이미지
    • 전북은행 로고 이미지
    • 신협 로고 이미지
    • MG새마을금고 로고 이미지
    • KB증권 로고 이미지
    • 교보생명 로고 이미지
    • 한화생명 로고 이미지
    • 유안타증권 로고 이미지
    •  소시오퓨처 로고 이미지
    •  미즈호 로고 이미지
    •  미쓰비시 유에프제이파이낸셜그룹 이미지
    •  레조나은행 로고 이미지
  • 02) Construction Companies

    • 롯데건설 로고 이미지
    • 금호건설 로고 이미지
    • 동부건설 로고 이미지
    • 신세계 건설 로고 이미지
    • HDC 현대EP 로고 이미지
    • 동양건설산업 로고 이미지
    • 신동아건설 로고 이미지
    • HOBAN 로고 이미지
    • DL Construction 로고 이미지
    • 대방건설 로고 이미지
    • 시티건설 로고 이미지
    • 서희건설 로고 이미지
    • 제일건설 로고 이미지
    • 신성건설 로고 이미지
    • 동문건설 로고 이미지
    • 대원건설 로고 이미지
  • 03) Other Partners

    • 한화테크윈 로고 이미지
    • Honeywell 로고 이미지
    • HIKVISION 로고 이미지
    • 다후아 로고 이미지
    • Dell Technologies 로고 이미지
    • 에스원 로고 이미지
    • SK 쉴더스 로고 이미지
    • HT 로고 이미지
    • KOLON BENIT 로고 이미지
    • COMMAX 로고 이미지
    • KOCOM 로고 이미지
    • IDIS 로고 이미지
    • WEBGATE 로고 이미지
    • REALHUB 로고 이미지
    • DABOM CNS 로고 이미지
    • INNOS 로고 이미지
    • EMSTONE 로고 이미지
    • SeeEyes 로고 이미지
    • 삼신SDS 로고 이미지
    • AEGIS Entertainment 로고 이미지
    • mobitle 로고 이미지
    • BESTNET 로고 이미지
    • 템피스트 주식회사 로고 이미지
    • bizbuddy 로고 이미지