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24-Hour Service NICE TCM services are available around-the-clock on demand
at any time and location of the client’s choice.

What are ATM VANs?

ATM VAN Business
We offer customers of banks, securities companies, and other financial institutions
the convenience to access financial services through NICE automated devices.
Brand Partnerships
Automated devices run by NICE carry the partner financial institution’s brand.
Customers of these partner financial institutions are able to use NICE devices with the same fee
schedule as they would when they visit the respective bank’s own device.

Service Overview

  • Financial Services

    Close to 20,000 NICE ATMs installed nationwide offer customers cash with drawals, balance inquiries, deposits, bank transfers, cash advances, and other day-to-day financial services.

  • International Clearings Service (EXK)

    An exclusive joint effort by the KFTC and NICE TCM, the EXK allows customers of partner financial institutions in six member countries (U.S., Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia) to check balances and withdraw KRW.(Member countries expected to be added in the future)

  • Global Credit Cards

    We offer cash advances to customers of VISA, Master, UnionPay, and other global credit card brands.

  • Charging of pre-paid cards and point withdrawals

    Customers can charge Hi-pass and other pre-paid cards and also withdraw membership points through fintech partnerships

Service Sites (Total ~20,000 Devices in Service)

  • Convenience Stores / Supermarkets
    Installed at CU, E-mart 24 and other major convenience stores, as well as E-mart Everyday, Homeplus Express,and other major supermarkets
  • Rest Areas / Terminals
    Installed at major highway rest areas and inter-city express bus terminals
  • Subway / Train Stations
    Installed at subway stations (Line 9, Incheon Metro), train stations, and KTX stations
  • Other Locations
    Installed at ~20,000 sites including schools, hospitals, businesses, residential areas, and commercial areas

Service Competitiveness

Convenience, Accessibility, Infrastructure
  • Convenience
    ATMs enabled with cash withdrawal and deposit functionality as well as the capability
    to check membership point balances and charge pre-paid cards offers end-to-end service.
  • Accessibility
    We operate ~10,000 devices at convenience stores nationwide,
    providing access 24/7 all year.
  • Infrastructure
    We have the nation’s largest (~1,000) pool of professionals responding
    quickly to any technical errors throughout the country,
    minimizing customer inconvenience. A separate cash delivery subsidiary offers
    customers a step up in efficient service.