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Introduction to Kiosks

NICE Kiosks

NICE TCM is a trend-setter in the Korean automated kiosks industry.Since launching the business in 2014, we have installed ~20,000 devices to date across restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, rest areas, leisure facilities,hotels, and recycling facilities, and continue to develop our services to maintain industry leadership.

* What are Kiosks?

- Kiosks are the hardware and software that help transition previously face-to-face transactions to contactless automatic ordering systems.

Kiosk Portfolio

01) Basic

- Franchises, cafes and other F&B stores, food courts, rest areas

  • SMART_K20(스마트 케이 투엔티)
  • SMART_K5(스마트 케이 파이브)
  • SMART_K1(스마트 케이 원)
  • LG 키오스크
  • SMART_K22(스마트 케이 이십이)
  • SMART_K4(스마트 케이 포)

02) Specialized

- Department stores, supermarkets, leisure facilities, hotels, hospitals, airports, terminals

  • E사 상품권 교환 키오스크
  • 호텔키오스크
  • S사 셀프체크아웃 키오스크
  • L사 상품권교환 키오스크
  • H사 상품권교환키오스크
  • E사 셀프체크아웃 키오스크

Product Offering

  • Specialized Kiosks
    We plan and develop customized kiosks for our B2B
    and B2G clients that perform functions including
    second-hand phone collections, VAT refunds and ticket sales. * Key clients: B2B business and government organizations
  • Food & Beverage
    We sell ordering and payment kiosks to fast food restaurants, cafes, and food courts have a user-friendly interface that allow visitors to place orders with a minimal number of clicks, while providing store managers with a separate system operator solution. * Key clients: Franchises, cafes, restaurants
  • Leisure (Nice Ticket)
    Nice Ticket is a one-stop solution for theme parks and leisure facilities that comes with ticketing, entry, parking, * Key clients: Cable cars, water parks, kids’ cafes
  • Retail
    We have developed the automated solutions installed at Lotte, E-Mart, E-Land, and other major retail brands.
    Our automated retail kiosks have gift certificate exchange, cashier (SCO), settlements, and other essential functions that are linked to the retail brand’s internal systems. * Key clients: Department stores, supermarkets, cinemas

Sales Process

고객 맞춤형 키오스크 개발/제작 전문업체

Professional developer/manufacturer
of customized kiosks

  • 01

    Client Consulting


    Cafes, restaurants, and other clients requesting basic kiosks receive their devices within 5 days of ordering.


    Clients requiring specialized kiosks that come with
    customized devices and software meet with NICE TCM
    on several occasions to specify functions and development plans.
    Our team comes up with a development plan,
    followed up by contracts, planning, development,
    test production, and mass production.
    * Specialized: Leisure, retail, recycling,
    currency exchange, tax refunds

  • 02

    Product Development


    For simple order-and-pay kiosks that do not require
    additional development, we provide KDS and
    administrator pages free of charge.


    The NICE TCM team supports the client from device and software development to acquisition of relevant certifications. In addition to device development, we also engage in systems integration activities to link our devices to our clients’ existing systems (ERP, giveawaysystems) or other applications and websites.

  • 03

    Device installations and payments

    Once the client specifies a date and location,
    our delivery team fixes a final date and location.

    We have in place multiple payment schemes including rentals and installments to reduce our clients’ financial burden. In the case of rentals, we offer free after-service for the duration of the contract so that clients can use our devices without the burden of additional repair costs.

  • 04


    Our kiosks come with system administrator functionality where clients can freely change menus and settings as well as view revenue data. Additionally, we provide a dedicated call center to respond quickly to client inquiries.

    For product faults not attributable to the client, we offer 1 year of after-service free of charge. For repairs with a fee, we offer either monthly fixed fee schemes or variable fee schemes where the client pays for each repair.

Key Competencies

We have market-proven reputation and capability to execute partnerships with brand-name clients.
The company has the trust and stability to engage in long-term projects and continues to expand our portfolio.

01) Dedicated partner to large-scale projects

Dedicated R&D staff and manufacturing facilities engage in projects from development to manufacturing and operations,
leading to fast decision making and execution.
We have worked on multiple projects with SK, LG, Hyundai, Shinsegae, and other mega clients,
and can offer industry-leading project management and customization.

* Recent projects
- 2022: LG Electronics Kiosk Partnership, Gift certificate exchange machines (80 devices) and building of giveaway system for Company A
- 2021: Second-hand phone collection machine (3,300 devices) for Company B, 180 SCOs for Company A
- 2020: Second-hand phone collection machine (2,600 devices) for Company B, 200 hospital kiosks

  • Design and Planning

    Professionals and case experiencein planning, design, machinery design, and software development

  • Manufacturing

    Capability to drive manufacturing from test devices to mass production and
    QC at own plants

  • Nationwide After-Service

    Dedicated after-service team to deliver and install devices in record time

02) Total management solution from entry to exit

We offer total management solutions to leisure and culture facilities, hotels, unmanned stores, and ports. Clients facing management challenges from dealing with devices from multiple manufacturers can implement our total management solution to improve digital efficiency.

* Ticketing and entry, online ticket sales, food courts (cafes), automated parking, packages, local currency

  • Online ticket sales

    Sales via website
    (Linked to Naver/Coupang’s
    ticketing services)

  • Automated kiosks / Manned POS

    On-site ticketing/Printing of online tickets

  • Entrance gate

    Ticket-linked access control

  • Issuance and charging of coin tickets

    Issuance, charging,and post-payment of coin tickets

  • Lockers

    RF-equipped locker keys

  • Facility/F&B use

    Pre- and post-payment with coin tickets and locker keys

  • Settlement machines

    Pre- and post-payments
    (Coin tickets and locker keys)

  • Exit gate

    Exit control for guests with complete payments

03) Embracing digital: Leading a new automation trend

In preparation for the Enforcement Decree of the Anti-Discrimination Act to take place in January 2024, NICE TCM has maximized digital inclusion by optimizing the user interface to embrace technological periphery groups. By working actively with our partners, we have invested in and developed kiosk devices for cinemas/public organizations/franchises that will be accessible by socially disadvantaged groups.

* Introduction of low-profile and low-vision modes, audio functionality for visually impaired users, keypad ordering functionality including Braille letters to display key product positions

  • Low-profile Mode

    Development of modified screen for users unable to reach the top end of their screens

  • Voice-enabled Ordering

    Menu selection and payment functionality for visually impaired users, adding audio and keypad functions (activated automatically with insertion of headsets)

  • Low-vision Mode

    High-contrast images and large text for visually impaired users and the elderly

Key Clients

01) Conglomerates/Publics

  • SK 네트웍스 로고이미지
  • SK 엠앤서비스 로고이미지
  • MINTIT 로고이미지
  • 현대 로고이미지
  • 롯데백화점 로고이미지
  • 이랜드리테일 로고이미지
  • 롯데마트 로고이미지
  • 세이브존 로고이미지
  • COOP 로고이미지
  • CGV 로고이미지
  • 홈플러스 로고이미지
  • 인천국제공항공사 로고이미지
  • LG전자
  • 티머니 로고이미지
  • 이마트 로고이미지
  • 글로벌블루 로고이미지
  • 분당차병원 로고이미지
  • 슈펜 로고이미지

02) Franchises

  • 버거킹 로고이미지
  • THE BORRN 로고이미지
  • 메머드 익스프레스 로고이미지
  • 빽다방 로고이미지
  • 역전우동0410 로고이미지
  • ISSAC TOAST 로고이미지
  • 원할머니보쌈 로고이미지
  • 죠스떡볶이 로고이미지
  • 신전떡볶이 로고이미지
  • 삼성웰스토리 로고이미지
  • 현대그린푸드 로고이미지
  • 아워홈 로고이미지
  • 신세계 푸드 로고이미지
  • 풀무원푸드앤컬처 로고이미지
  • 본죽 로고이미지
  • ABOUT COFFEE 로고이미지
  • 뉴욕버거 로고이미지
  • 크린토피아 로고이미지

03) Leisure Facilities

  • 파주 임진각평화곤돌라 로고이미지
  • 제주 드림타워 복합리조트 로고이미지
  • 수원시립미술관 로고이미지
  • 숨쉬는 땅 여유의 바다 울진 로고이미지
  • 제부도해상케이블카 서해랑 로고이미지
  • 강원랜드 로고이미지
  • SONO 로고이미지
  • 부산시립미술관 로고이미지
  • 제주맥주 로고이미지
  • 피나클랜드 로고이미지
  • 울진케이블카 로고이미지
  • 전남도림미술관 로고이미지
  • RESOM 로고이미지
  • 삼양목장 로고이미지
  • 알파카월드 로고이미지
  • PACIFIC 로고이미지
  • 하늘목장 로고이미지
  • BRICK CAMPUS 로고이미지