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NICE TCM is certified as an excellent family-friendly company. (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family) & NICE TCM has been approved as a participating company in the work-life balance campaign (Ministry of Employment and Labor).

work & life balance
  • Leisure Day
    Leave 1 hour early for half-day leaves on Friday afternoons
  • Oh! Happy Day
    Leave 2 hours early on birthdays and wedding anniversaries
  • Family Leisure
    Support for resort/condo reservations
  • Smile Day (PC-OFF)
    Shut PCs off and leave on time on Wednesdays
  • Health Checkups
    Free health checkups for spouses, and employee rate checkups for rest of family
  • Children’s Tuition
    Kindergarten and university

100%: Utilization of reduced working hours for pregnant women (Past 2 years)

100%: 1 month+ retention rate following return from maternity leave (Past 2 years)

95%: Utilization of 5+ days of spousal maternity leave (Past 2 years)

80%: Utilization of men’s paternity leave (Past 2 years)