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Information Security

Information Security

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Information Security

  • Accreditations and Affiliations

    • ISMS Certificate

      First CD VAN business to obtain certification (2015~present)

    • Appointment of CISO and information security organization

    • Purchase of information security breach insurance

      E-commerce liability insurance Personal information security liability insurance

  • Information Security Policy

    • Development of information security and personal information security guidelines

    • Annual review of information security laws and revisions (Maintenance of currency)

  • Information Security Activities

    • Internal activities

      Drafting and execution of information security plans Security reviews of new systems and environment changes Information security consulting and internal security audits (Check-ups for security weaknesses from legal / managerial / technical / physical perspective) Operations and regular check-ups of information system (including information security system) Training for information security awareness (Employees) Annual drills to train for intrusions and disasters

    • External activities

      Response to personal information management review in financial services sector Response to individual inspections of financial service providers Inspections of outside partners for management of personal information