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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting NICE TCM,
Korea’s No. 1 automated solutions provider.

Since Korea Electronics Finance Co., Ltd. launched its first ATM VAN business in 1993,
Financial automation device management projects targeting financial institutions based on
nationwide operation networks and know-how, It distributes 100 trillion won in cash per year,
including cash logistics businesses targeting retailers I have played the role of Korea's cash logistics hub.

Furthermore, based on the unique business competition and experience
In various fields such as unmanned parking business, KIOSK business, video security business,
video security projects, and electric vehicles charging business
It's not going to increase the status as a business.

In the future, Korea Electronics Financial Supervisory Service challenges and continuous growth I'll continue to repay your faith and trust

Thank you.

NICE TCM CEO Hyunsuk Lee
CEO인사말 이미지