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Value Framework

Value Framework

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Management Philosophy

  • Integrity
    Promoting sustainable business growth by upholding principle Fair & Transparent Management
  • Autonomy
    Granting responsibility and autonomy to compete, and respecting our employees’ proactivity and creativity Self-driven Management
  • Equality
    Building capability across the organization and a culture of acknowledging results Impartiality Management


  • Connecting information, and promoting its use
    by organizations and people to create value.
  • Networking 'i' for Creating Every Value

    Information Innovation Infra I(myself)

Mission image


  • No.1

    Striving to earn respect beyond our No. 1 standing in the industry: Growing in partnership with society Admired company

  • Challenge

    Venturing into new businesses and markets Overseas business

  • Innovate

    Creating customer value through innovation and leading the industry with differentiated services Competitive edge

  • Enjoy

    Creating a great place to work, promoting work-life balance, and providing clients with products and services that deliver happiness Work-life balance


NICE Experts Creating Infinite Value
in the Information Services Industry


  • Growth Strategy
    Growth plans essential to promotingsustainable growth at NICE
    • Fast Value & Scale Up : Growth by creating value in line with company mission
    • Undisputed industry No. 1 : Building competitivenessby delivering differentiated value
    • Globalization : Generating early returns in international businesses by leveraging Korean market leadership
  • Management System
    System implemented at NICE to stipulate the way our people work and manage in order to create our own competitive edge
    • ‘3S’ Management : Speedy, Smart, Super excellent Management grounded on principles of management by wandering around
    • 3Innovation’ Management : Innovation in Product, Process, and Business Model
    • One NICE Synergy : Challenge and cooperation toward common group-wide goals
  • Leadership
    Capabilities and functions of NICE managers
    (executives, leadership position holders)
    • Vision Challenger : Pioneer in opening the NICE futureSynergy
    • Builder : Facilitators in bringing together the NICE organization
    • Moral Standard : Role model for upholding NICE values, principles, and rules
  • Values
    The core ideals that drive our people at NICE
    • Passion : Ownership of work, goal-oriented attitude
    • Challenge : Aiming for 5x growth rather than 5%, combining creativity with execution
    • Professionalism : Tenacity in achieving goals, expertise, teamwork, sharing of core values
  • Organizational Culture
    The norms shared throughout our organization that serve as the foundation for our corporate culture
    • Enjoy Culture : Teams that promote a culture of Fun to Work, teams that can imagine and enjoy
    • Winning Culture : Leadership mindset, learning from mistakes
    • Together Culture : Partnership with stakeholders, growth with socially disadvantaged groups