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NICE TCM embraces diversity at the workplace, ensuring equal opportunities without discrimination based on gender, disability, age, or heritage.

We do not discriminate men and women on wages and benefits (Article 6, Labor Standards Act), and do not require or collect personal information that is not related to the job at hand, including information related to physical conditions, heritage, marital status, and personal assets (Article 4-3, Fair Hiring Procedure Act).

NICE TCM has exceeded the government mandatory threshold (3.1%) for disabled hires

  • 3.19% 2020
  • 3.9% 2021
  • 3.43% 2022

Support for External Activities

We support various activity groups to promote a healthy culture of leisure and collegiality at the workplace.

Quarterly funding for activity groups in proportion to group headcount
Currently active groups: Hiking, golf, baseball, soccer, biking, fishing, baduk, camping